I want to RANK!

From the 80's with Twisted Sister to the new millenium on getting found on the web. What a parody when you think about it.  We've been transformed into a different "media" interest.

Ranking means being found in "The Top 10".  We (You) want to be on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.  Some of you think that paying for it is the way to go, and others know that persistant bloggin will push you to the top.  Well, there are many variables that put you there and you better know this first and foremost; IT TAKES TIME!

Don't think because you have a website with a few colorful pages and some links that you're going to get there within a week or within a few months.  We all wish it was that simple.  Making your  business rank in the top 10 takes time and it takes some skill in working your way to the top.  If you don't have the patience to market yourself on the web, then spend your money in periodical publications and get immediate results. It just wont' happen over night.  Instant gratification doesn't get it when it comes to putting your business, idea or model on the web.

First sit down and put together an outline of what your business is all about. Categorize, sub categorize and pull out specific words that define your site project.  Keyword research should never be over looked.  There are many sites out there that will help you "spy" on your competitors.  What keywords are they using.  What keywords are effective in driving results to their pages.  You can find this on sites such as Keyword SpyGoogle Page Rank is also a vital tool (do you have an API Key?).  Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing are an art and science as well as a strategy that you could spend hours on end trying to learn. 

We meet people in our line of work that say "I typed my business name (example) Joe's Garage in Sante Fe" and we came up first on Google after putting our site up 1 week ago.  Well that's great if everyone in Santa Fe is only looking for "Joe's Garage in Sante Fe for their car repair. But in fact, their going to go online if they don't know you and probably search for "car repair in Sante Fe".  Are you at the top for "Car Repair, Sante Fe?

Let us do the work for you at a price you can afford.  Your time should be spent doing your business.  We're the ones that know the web.  We'll leave the car repair to you.  Smart Task Marketing - GET SMART! 


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