Viral Marketing and Word of Mouth

Here's an example of our marketing efforts going viral.  A product like this doesn't go un-noticed.  You see it, you want it and then since it's so cool, you're inclined to tell everyone you know about the product.

Smart Task Marketing can find the avenues where you need to reach out to so your product can be seen by your demographic audience.  Click to view the video below:

The "Celebration Candle" is marketed by Smart Task Marketing and sold through Nellizanna Imports. CNN just aired the story on their Viral video spin about this candle and once broadcasted, embed and link distribution (tiny url) went out to Facebook & Twitter to bring product awareness.

"It's Your Birthday Candle" is the official site for the product and links to the shopping cart at Nellizanna Imports for online sales. Check it out

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